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We work for the benefit of your company even before a pre-payment is made to our account.
If you are looking for a reliable partner for transportation from Europe, you are on the right way!


Cargo transportation by road from any part of the European Union to the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Asia. (Cargo transportation by road from any part ofthe European Union to the Russian Federation, Ukraine and Asia.

Road transportation is the fastest, the most reliable and affordable delivery method in Europe.This service is mostly in demand among medium and large companies, but it is also popular among beginning entrepreneurs. It is only 24 hours required to accept and process your order which will be safely delivered to the destination point within just 5-7 days. Our vehicles allow you to ship any cargo and keep track of its receipt within a stipulated time frame.

Transport is provided for different purposes of customers:

  • curtain-sided vehicles,
  • road-trains,
  • refrigerators,
  • sprinters,
  • 5-ton trucks,
  • isothermal semitrailers.

International cargo transportation by road FTL/LTL.

Based on your request, the experts of Range-Trans will choose a vehicle fitting your cargo. Range-Trans specializes in large-sized shipments, i.e. 82-120 m3 (FTL) and small-sized shipments – 1 m3-82 m3 (LTL).

Transportation of goods of any value and ADR goods of any class.

Range-Trans is a customs forwarding agent. We can transport cargo of any value. Your cargo will be individually insured and delivered on time.

An appropriate truck will be provided for the goods with a hazard class, causing no impact on the quality of delivery. Working with us you will save the most precious thing you have – the time.

Cargo transportation undertemperature -20 / -18°C.

Range-Trans provides shipping under temperature -20 / -18°C. Thanks to years of experience in delivering such goods, our experts will monitor and create a supply chain, so that the temperature would match all quality requirements.At the customer’s request, we can provide the temperature history from the time of loading till unloading in the consignee’s warehouse.

Consolidation at our A-class warehouse in Poland.

Range-Trans has at its disposal a customs terminal with temporary and long-term storage warehouses that is located in a central area of Warsaw. We organize delivery within the time frame suitable for the customer. We can hold your cargo in the warehouse to check correctness of prepared documents, to prepare documents and to repack cargo, and, according to a signal from the customer, deliver it from the warehouse to the final consignee.

Preparation of the cargo accompanying documents ЕХ-1, T-1, CARNET-TIR, CMR, IMPORT/EXPORT.

Range-Trans has a customs representation office in the terminal in Poland where agents will help to prepare correctly the documents required for carriage of goods from the EU to the Customs Union.


Warehouse area of the Range-Trans terminal in Poland is 5000 m3. This warehouse is intended for the projects that are not urgent. Your cargo will be stored in integrity and security under the supervision of cameras and guards.


Range-Trans repacks cargo and prepares it to shipment from our terminal to Russia, Ukraine and Asia. Upon checking, there may be some defects in the consignor’s package, therefore our specialists will analyze it and, by agreement with the customer, we’ll repack and fasten the cargo to be further delivered to the consignee.For repacking we use: paper, stretch film, adhesive tape.

Logistics consulting (3PL)

Tough competition in 2017 is forcing business owners to review and improve the traditional methods used for delivery of goods or raw materials to their partners and clients. It is the ability to work in a tight schedule that gives a substantial competitive advantage to the companies that have thoroughly implemented the logistics not only in their own country, but also abroad.

Range-Trans personnel has expertise and years of experience in testing the existing delivery mechanisms.Once you detect and eliminate the true causes of delays, such as transport faults, inaccurate logistics schemes or bad management, your company will immediately succeed before the eyes of your partners and potential customers.

We implement innovative solutions in the field of logistics and freight forwarding and, as a consequence, optimize your business. Our task is to minimize as much as possible the costs and risks associated with cargo delivery, thereby automatically increasing the level of service. We work without restrictions – if required, we will offer you some efficient logistic solutions for transportation throughout the Eurasian continent.

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