Customs Services

Commercial cargo transported across the EAEU border are subject to mandatory customs clearance in accordance with the customs legislation of the Russian Federation and the Eurasian Customs Union of the EAEU.

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The set of activities for the customs clearance of international transport of goods is called customs declaring and has its own specificities. Therefore, the following main directions have been adopted in the professional environment:

  • Import – means the importation of foreign goods, which requires paperwork before the importation of the goods, its customs clearance at the crossing of the EAEU border and payment of the necessary fees for its legal import and subsequent use in the territory of the EAEU.
  • Export – is the shipment of goods, which involves the implementation of a series of actions for the customs clearance of Russian goods for export abroad:

    • Customs clearance of goods for export

    • Customs transit

What Customs Services Does the Range-Trans Team Offer?

Assistance in clearing customs – our specialists can cope with difficulties at the border

Assistance in processing EPI and documents for customs clearance with many codes

Assistance in customs clearance

We offer options to reduce the cost of individual shipments from different EU countries

Providing a customs warehouse for the storage of groupage cargo in Poland

Customs Broker Services

Range-Trans declarant can

  • Carry out customs declaring and customs clearance of goods with any number of articles and FEACN codes
  • Competently select FEACN codes and arrange customs escort of cargo of any complexity
  • Process export customs declarations to export goods from the EU to the CU
  • Prepare international CMR waybills
  • Calculate customs duties
  • Collect the necessary package of permits
  • Preliminary obtain the necessary Certificates of Conformity, Declaration of
  • Conformity or the conclusion of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Propose customs posts where specific goods (eg chemical products) can be cleared.
  • Prepare and send an EPI (Mandatory Electronic Preliminary Information) to the customs authorities
  • Execute other documents required for customs clearance.

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