Below are the most frequent questions our clients and partners may have, as well as detailed answers to them.

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What to Do if the Car Is Late?

If a force majeure occurs and a truck is late for loading to a supplier, our specialists will offer you several options.

The first option. We promptly pick up another truck so as not to disrupt the loading time.

The second option. We inform the customer and the supplier company, agree on changes in the loading time.

The third option. If necessary, we provide an express delivery service (2nd driver), which speeds up the delivery time and allows you to meet the scheduled delivery dates.

What to Do if You Find Errors in Documents?

If a carrier discovers an error in the shipping documents of a European supplier, we inform the Customer and propose to correct them at our customs agency in Poland.

Our customs broker will draft a letter to the customs authorities about the error in the processing of documents, indicate the list of documents and provide correct data on the vehicle and the driver.

How Do I Know Where My Cargo Is?

Each client is assigned a personal manager who is always ready to be contacted. You can track every stage of shipment and transportation in contact with your personal manager.

Will There Be Additional Costs and How Much?

It is often the case that the carrier drives up the price during the carriage after signing the contract. This should be particularly worrisome if the carrier’s initial price is a clear indication of dumping. It means that some payments have been withheld from you, customs duties, processing of declarations, transshipment and another 1,000 components of transportation have not been calculated, and so, they will then be billed separately.

RANGE-TRANS is staffed by experienced logisticians, who immediately calculate all the components of transportation and storage of goods and draw up a bill taking into account the necessary consignment notes, customs and travel documents, preparation of contracts, acts, invoices and other accompanying documents.

I value my time and don’t want to be jerked during transportation

We are conscious of your busyness and therefore we discuss all the nuances of transportation before concluding a contract. In the process of transportation, unplanned situations often arise, and our experienced logisticians are able to handle emerging issues on their own.