Legal Services

The organization of cargo transportation and other types of foreign economic operations may give rise to disputable situations.
Our experienced lawyers will conduct a legal analysis of the existing logistics processes and current company contracts, by virtue of which they will develop statutory remedies to protect the company at all stages of logistics in accordance with international transport legislation and customs law.

A consultation with a lawyer will help to secure cargo transportation and other foreign economic operations
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Logistics challenges, which fall under competence of our lawyers

  • Assessing the risk of cooperation and organizing meetings with foreign partners
  • Legal support for transaction, customs procedures, cargo transportation and insurance
  • Legal review of documents and risk assessment when concluding contracts
  • Legal support for foreign economic agreements, taking into account the specifics of the legislation of the partner’s country and the requirements of international legislation
  • Verification of documents provided by the counterparty
  • Notarization of required documents
  • Developing the protection of insurance interests at all stages of cargo transportation and storage
  • Legal issues arising from executing contracts for the carriage, storage and insurance of goods
  • Development of a transport scheme for complex cargoes taking into consideration the international norms
  • Legal support for customs clearing, appeal against actions of customs authorities when required
  • Settlement of disputes in case of breach of delivery, loss or damage to cargo
  • Legal regulation of VAT netting and protection against double taxation

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